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2022-2023 Course Catalog 
2022-2023 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CSCI 1020 - Introduction to Personal Computers and Information Systems

Credits: 3
Hours/Week: Lecture None Lab None
Course Description: This course is intended to give the layperson an understanding of personal computers and information systems. Computer concepts and applications are covered. The concepts will include basic information about how personal computers, networks, and software work. Enterprise information systems and technologies will be discussed. Additional topics include security, privacy, ethics, information literacy, and technological trends. Students will gain hands-on experience using current business applications (such as word processing, database, spreadsheet, and presentation software).
MnTC Goals

Prerequisite(s): None
Corequisite(s): None
Recommendation: Basic computer competency (use of keyboard, mouse, Windows).

Major Content
  1. Input and output
  2. Processor/memory
  3. Storage
  4. Data communications
  5. System software
  6. Application software
  7. Security, backup
  8. Privacy, ethics
  9. Word processing application
  10. Spreadsheet application
  11. Database application
  12. Presentation graphics application
  13. Internet concepts, use and information retrieval
  14. File system application
  15. Professional design standards

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. describe the basic hardware (input, output, and storage) components and software (operating and application) used in Windows and the internet environment.
  2. demonstrate  effective use of computer system hardware and operating and application software.
  3. apply the ability to organize files by creating folders and managing (copy, move, rename, and delete) files.
  4. describe computer security, safety, ethics, and privacy concepts and issues and explain how they relate to using computers effectively.
  5. demonstrate effective techniques for internet access and information retrieval.
  6. apply procedures to create documents, worksheets, databases, and presentations suitable for coursework, personal, and professional purposes.
  7. apply word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software to solve business problems.
  8. apply e-mail software for professional, effective communication.
  9. apply the ability to create, design, and maintain databases by creating tables, queries, reports, and forms while following professional design standards.
  10. apply the ability to create, format, analyze, save, and print spreadsheets while following professional design standards.
  11. apply the ability to create, format, save, and print word processing documents while following professional design standards.
  12. apply the ability to create, format, save, and print presentations while following professional design standards.

Competency 1 (1-6)
Competency 2 (7-10)

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