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2019-2020 Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services and Resources

Campus News

Cancellation of Classes

Classes may be canceled due to an instructor’s illness or faculty professional development activities or other emergencies. When absences are known in advance, instructors will notify students during class periods and give alternative assignments. For unplanned absences, a notice will be posted outside the classroom and on the Century’s website informing the students that the class will not be held, and it may include special instructions.

Cancellation due to inclement weather will be announced on a local radio station (WCCO-830 AM) and posted on Century’s website.

All Student Email

This email is sent weekly to your my.century.edu email account. This assists in informing students of important reminders, events and activities on campus..

Students’ Notices

Bulletin boards are posted around the campuses for students, clubs, and college use. For more information contact Century’s Marketing Department.

Admission Services

The office of Admissions and New Student Services, located in room 2303, West Campus, serves prospective students as well as students preparing for their first semester of enrollment at Century. The office provides services pertaining to applications for admission, international students, high school student enrollment, applications for programs requiring supplemental admission materials, and New Student Orientation. For more information, call 651.773.1700.

myCentury Student Portal System/Email

Century College utilizes many forms of communication for official College business such as the U.S. Postal Service, telephone, email, and the Internet. Official College business includes all actions of the College, including but not limited to providing general information, course information, disciplinary notice, and performing other administrative functions of the college.

Email is the primary means by which the College communicates important information with students; as such, the College has provided an email account to every student. The Century address is the only email address the College will maintain and use to communicate to students. Vital college communications are sent to students via their Century email addresses on a regular basis. Students are held responsible for the information communicated via email.

By activating your myCentury account you will gain access to college computers, software, and printers. From the myCentury Portal you will be able to check your email, manage your personal or shared files on the network, access Library resources, and numerous other services.

The College encourages all students to activate their account upon admission and to check it often. The account is free. To activate your myCentury account you will need your Star ID and Password. Go to Century’s website and look for the myCentury Portal link.

Advising, Counseling, and Career Services

Academic Advising

An advisor/counselor will assist you with developing an academic plan that fits your needs. Advisors/Counselors have the professional skills to help you sort through a variety of academic issues, concerns, and options. This includes program requirements, class scheduling, placement testing, transfer planning, and graduation requirements. Resources are available in the Advising, Counseling, & Career Center, room 2410 West Campus, such as:

  • Planning guides that list requirements for certificates, diplomas, and degrees.
  • Transfer guidesheets that list Century courses that fulfill specific major requirements for transfer schools.
  • Information guides that describe Century policies, resources, and advising tips.

Additional resources can be found on the Education Plan on GPS LifePlan.

Preparation for Transfer

It is important for students to know whether their courses reflect the latest program requirements and how they will transfer to a specific school. The following resources are available to help students prepare for transfer:

Public colleges and universities in Minnesota have developed a common general education curriculum called the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). Completion of this defined transfer curriculum at one institution enables students to receive credit for all lower-division general education upon admission to any other Minnesota public institution and select private and out-of-state institutions. The transfer curriculum includes 40 credits, has 10 goal areas and is the core of the AA degree. Students who have completed the MnTC or the AA with the MnTC core and have submitted an application for MnTC notation or AA degree graduation will receive a MnTC notation on their academic transcript. (See Program Requirements regarding requirements for AA, AFA, AS, and AAS degrees, diplomas, certificates, and MnTC Notation).

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling gives you the opportunity to enhance your emotional and social development while at Century. Professional counselors facilitate student growth through a supportive environment in which students can express themselves freely and confidentially. You can discuss and explore areas of concern that may interfere with academic success, such as:

  • Transition to college
  • Test anxiety
  • Chemical abuse
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Relationships
  • Identity issues
  • Mental health
  • Veterans’ issues

Through the counseling experience, counselors can help you broaden your personal perspectives, gain insights, challenge biases, and develop a sense of purpose consistent with your own values and goals.

Students in crisis are encouraged to come to the Advising, Counseling, & Career Center, room 2410 West Campus, for immediate short-term counseling. Referrals to community agencies will be made when long-term counseling is needed. See Personal Plan on GPS LifePlan.

Career Counseling

Century’s counselors are here to assist you in your career decision-making. Interest and personality inventories are tools to help you identify your interests, abilities, values, learning, and work styles. Counselors will help you use the information to explore and identify educational and career options.

Career and Life Planning (CRRS 1010 ) is a two-credit course offered at Century each semester. The course will help guide you through the career exploration and decision-making process. You will learn how to use the GPS LifePlan Career Plan and many other online resources in addition to Century’s Career Center, room 2400 west campus, to explore occupational and educational options. Encouragement is given to establish and achieve your life and career goals.

Counselors are available in the Advising, Counseling, & Career Center, room 2410 west campus, by appointment or on a quick-stop basis. For more information, call 651.779.3285, and see Career Plan on GPS LifePlan.

Career Center

The Career Center, room 2400 west campus, is your resource to gain up-to-date information on careers (for example, employment outlooks and salary ranges) and educational planning (for examples, college catalogs and scholarship information). Computer-assisted career guidance programs, such as CAREERwise Education, and Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) are tools that help you identify your career interests and skills, research occupations, and prepare for the world of work. For more information call 651.779.3285.

Career Services


Career Services is here to help you prepare as you seek employment and internship experiences through resume development, interview preparation, professional development and employer connection opportunities along with our job board The College Central Network.

College Central Network (CCN) Services

CCN Services provides a central resource for students and alumni to connect with employers. Career Services can help you set up an account that will allow you to access the job-posting opportunities as well as resources for creating a résumé or writing a cover  letter. Learn more by visiting Career Services W2420 or contacting Career Services at 651.773.1753.

One to One Support

We work with students one to one regarding resume construction, cover letter writing and interview skills. We want to support you as you begin to apply for opportunities and help you learn how to best present your experience, skills and knowledge to a potential  employer. To schedule an appointment please contact Career Services at 651.773.1753.


Career Services offers a variety of opportunities for you to develop: job readiness skills, job search preparedness, opportunities to engage with employers, and experience professional development. We offer Job and Volunteer Service Fairs, Skill Workshops, Etiquette Dinners and other special offerings throughout the year.

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) and Transferology

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is part of Century’s commitment to academic advising for students. A DARS report is an electronic summary of a student’s academic progress toward completion of a degree or program.

Students may run their own DARS report anytime through Century’s e-Services. A DARS report indicates requirements that have already been completed, requirements that remain unsatisfied, and how transfer courses fulfill requirements. The report offers suggestions for appropriate courses that may be taken to meet specific requirements and is particularly helpful when meeting with counselors and academic advisors.

Transferology/Will My Courses Transfer?

Students who have completed courses in higher education want to know which colleges and universities will accept those courses and apply them to a degree. Transferology will provide quick answers from hundreds of institutions in a streamlined and dynamic interface.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Advocate

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Advocate is available to help any non-native speaker of English at Century College, even if they have never taken ESOL classes. The ESOL Advocate can help if a student is struggling with any aspect of college (e.g., Accuplacer ESL testing, classes, studying, registration, financial aid). For more information call 651.747.4087.

The ESOL Center is located in E1551-1552 and is open to all students learning the English language. The center includes a state-of-theart Digital Language Lab for high-tech voice recording and pronunciation practice as well as a regular computer lab for practicing grammar, pronunciation, and word processing. Lab assistants, nearby teachers, and student tutors can answer questions about American culture, the English language and provide academic support for ESOL classes. For more information call 651.747.4039.


e-Services is an online service for students to review all their student service information such as course registration, grades, financial aid, student bills and update your contact information. You will log into your personal account using e-Services to access your specific information (which is the same information college student services personnel view). You should be very familiar with this site as it contains valuable information on you.

Dashboard gives you a quick summary view of critical information.

Account Management allows you to update your personal and log in information.

Courses & Registration allows you to find courses, register for courses, view your course cart in Review My Plan, view/modify your class schedule, check registration holds, view your registration window (when can you register for classes), and view your registration log (when did you take action on registration activity).

Grades and Transcripts allows you to check your grades, view your academic record, or run a DARS (Interactive Degree Audit Report).

Financial Aid allows you to view your financial aid status, tracking letter, financial aid awards, award letter, estimated award levels (how much aid based on enrolled credits), and loans (request loan funds and completed needed Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling, monitor status of loan).

Bills and Payment shows your account detail (your college bill), make payments, prepayments, your payment plan and get your year end 1098-T tax form.

Student Employment shows your earnings by pay period and allows you access to your year end W-2 Tax Form

Financial Aid for Students

The Financial Aid Office located in room 2201 west campus assists students in applying for and receiving financial aid to help pay the cost of education. The financial aid website contains a wealth of information about application procedures and links to many non-Century sites to make the search for financing easier. The office staff can be reached at 651.779.3305 or by email.

Application Process

When to Apply:

Students should apply for financial aid after filing their income tax returns but not before January 1st for fall enrollment. Students are encouraged to apply early and MUST APPLY ANNUALLY.

How to Apply:

To determine eligibility for grants, loans, and student employment, students are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have the results sent to Century College.  The Federal Code to release FAFSA results to Century College is 010546.

A signature is required to complete the FAFSA and can be signed electronically provided the student (and parent of a dependent student) has a Federal Student Aid ID. To apply for a FSAID, visit fsaid.ed.gov. STUDENTS MUST APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID EVERY YEAR.

What to Expect After Applying:

After the FAFSA is completed online and an email address was provided, the student will receive an email in a few days with a secure link to the Student Aid Report (SAR) on the Web. Review the SAR as it is the product of your FAFSA application and contains eligibility information. The SAR will not tell you what your financial aid award is but will tell you important information about the EFC (expected family contribution) used to calculate your award, the colleges that you chose to release the information to, and/or if more information is needed to compile your award.

Additional Information/Verification

Students may be required to submit additional documents to complete the financial aid application such as tax transcripts and citizenship status information. The Financial Aid Office will contact you for more information if necessary. Failure to respond will result in a delay in determining what financial aid you may be eligible to receive.

Award Notice

The College will determine award eligibility after all documents are received and verified and send the student an email with instructions on how to access their award notice online. Students can access application and award information through Century’s e-Services .

Important Note: Receiving the Award Notice is not necessarily the last step for receiving financial aid. Additional steps are required for both student loans and student employment.

Financial Aid Policies

Financial Aid for Summer

Students may be able to utilize financial aid for summer provided the eligibility has not been used for the preceding academic year. Students who have a complete financial aid application and have registered for summer classes will receive a financial aid award for summer for any eligibility that may exist.

Students must be registered for at least 6 credits to be eligible for a student loan.  Students must be registered for at least 1 credits to be eligible to receive student employment.

Financial Aid for Developmental/Remedial Coursework

Students who are eligible for federal financial aid (Pell Grants and Direct Student Loans) can receive financial aid for up to 30 credits of developmental coursework. Developmental/remedial courses are numbered below the 100 level (i.e. MATH 0030 , ENGL 0080 ). If you have received financial aid for 30 such credits and enroll in additional developmental/remedial credits, you will not receive federal financial aid for those credits.

Withdrawal from College/Return of Title IV Funds

If a student completely withdraws from all credits (either officially or unofficially) in a term before the 60% point of that term, the financial aid disbursed is subject to the federal and State “Return of Title IV” policy. Students earn financial aid in proportion to the time they are enrolled up to the 60% point. The unearned share of financial aid is returned to the programs from which they were paid as prescribed by federal and state regulations. The student will be required to repay all unearned financial aid. Students also may need to repay a portion of financial aid they received if courses are not completed satisfactorily. Please contact the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing if you have any questions regarding your possible repayment obligation.

Changes in Enrollment (Add/Drop/Withdraw)

When you change your enrollment (add/drop/withdraw), your financial aid eligibility may change. The financial aid source and the date of your drop or withdrawal has an impact on the change of financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions.

Late Start Classes: If you drop a late start class before it begins and have been paid financial aid for your enrollment in the class, the Financial Aid Office will recalculate your eligibility and you may have to refund all or part of the financial aid for the term

Pell Grant Recipients: Federal regulations require colleges to establish a Pell Grant lock date to determine the courses that are counted toward a student’s Pell Grant eligibility. Century College has established the 10th day of class as the lock date. Financial aid disbursements then begin on the 11th day of class based on your lock date enrollment.

Dropped courses that are eligible for a tuition refund will have Pell Grant eligibility reduced to the new credit level.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Summary:

The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid requires that a student maintain acceptable academic standards in the pursuit of their chosen degree, diploma, or certificate. The student is required to maintain, at a minimum:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0, and,
  • Completion rate of 67% of credits attempted, and
  • Have not reached or exceeded 150% of the maximum credits needed to attain the chosen academic goal (including transfer credits).

The complete policy and appeal process can be found on the Financial Aid Policies webpage.

The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid differs from the College’s Standard for Academic Progress. It is possible to be suspended from financial aid and not be suspended from the College. Students can appeal their suspension.

Sources of Financial Aid

Federal Pell Grant:

Available to undergraduates only and does not need to be repaid.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG):

The SEOG is a grant for exceptional need students but has limited availability. The Financial Aid Office determines eligibility on a first-come, first-served basis.

Minnesota State Grant:

State grant assistance for Minnesota residents who have not exceeded four years of enrollment past high school.

On-Campus Employment:

Part-time employment positions are available for qualified students from either the Federal or Minnesota State Workstudy Programs. Job openings are posted online.

Federal Direct Loan Programs:

A low interest loan program is available under the Subsidized or Unsubsidized Direct Loan Programs. Students must be enrolled for at least six credits to apply for and receive these student loans. First year students can borrow up to $5500 and second year students (after earning 30 credits) are eligible for $6500.

LOAN PRORATION: A Federal Direct Loan borrower is subject to certain prorated loan limits if the student is enrolled in a program of study that is less than 30 credits. Loan limits must also be prorated if the program’s duration is equal to or longer than 30 credits but the borrower is completing the remainder of the program in a period of enrollment that is shorter than an academic year such as with a fall term graduation.

Additional Funding Sources

Century Foundation Scholarships:

The Century Foundation awards more than $100,000 each year in scholarships to new and returning students. Awards are designed to encourage cultural diversity, service learning, academic achievement, and career development. Application information is available in the Foundation Office, room 2511 east campus, by calling 651.779.3356, or visiting the Scholarships Opportunities webpage. Other scholarship opportunities can also be found on this web page.

Outside Agencies:

Students are encouraged to seek financial assistance from outside sources. Examples include Bureau of Indian Affairs, Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program, Department of Rehabilitation Services, and church or local civic organizations.

GPS LifePlan (Goals + Plans = Success)

One of the many resources available to students at Century is the GPS LifePlan. This free tool is designed to help students stay in school and graduate. Students get answers to their questions, develop goals, make plans, and find resources they need to be successful academically, personally, and in their career objectives. The GPS LifePlan is organized into Career, Education, Finance, Personal, and Leadership sections.

Students can explore the GPS LifePlan through workshops, campus resources, the web, or on their phone. When in the website, they can explore and save assessments and goals. Visit the GPS LifePlan website at gpslifeplan.org to start exploring the wealth of resources that are available. It’s time to create the life you want to lead.

Health Service

College Health Service

The College Health Service is located in room 2232 east campus and is staffed by registered nurses. Services available at no charge are:

  • Alcohol, drug & tobacco use assessment & referral
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Condoms
  • Diabetic screens
  • First Aid
  • Health education
  • Mental Health counseling & referral
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Pamphlets on a variety of health issues
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Referrals for medical care
  • Special needs assistance
  • Stress management
  • Student insurance information
  • Triage nursing

All visits are confidential. We give tuberculin skin tests for a fee. We also have a doctor on campus 3 hours a week to see credit students at no charge.

The Minnesota College Immunization Law

(Minnesota Statutes Section 135A.014)

Since the fall of 1991 there has been a state mandate for college students to have documentation of up-to-date immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps and rubella, with the exception of students who graduated from a Minnesota high school in 1997 or later.

The newest amendment extends this law to provide education about viral hepatitis, including information about the hepatitis A and B vaccines. For more information, call the College Health Service 651.779.3954.

Records and Registration Office

The Records Office, located in room 2220 west campus, provides services pertaining to student schedules, veteran certifications, registration, grade changes, withdrawals, residency, change of programs, address and name changes, graduation confirmation, evaluation of academic progress, and academic transcript requests. For enrollment verification/certification use the myCentury Student Portal. Please see website for Records forms. Note: All students are responsible for keeping address and phone number information current with the Records Office.

Transcript Service: Transcripts are sent at the written request of the student through the myCentury Student Portal or online at getmytranscript.com, with a designated fee. Transcripts will NOT be faxed. There is an additional $5.00 charge for rush transcripts.

Minnesota State colleges and university transcripts can be pulled through electronically at the request of the student.

Note: NE Metro transcripts cannot be done as a rush. Contact Records and Registration. The college follows the Student Privacy Act. See the Student Handbook  for student privacy information.

Voters Registration Forms are available at the Records Office. Complete information regarding voting and downloadable forms is available on the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

Access Center Disability Services

Access Center

The Access Center is a Student Services office, which provides accommodation, advocacy, support and referral information for students with documented conditions such as physical, psychological or learning disabilities. Based on the individual needs of the students, services may include, but are not limited to, early registration, note-taking, test-taking accommodations, and the provision of sign language interpreters. Documentation must be provided within the first semester of service.

The Access Center ensures the rights of disabled students and assists Century College in meeting its obligations under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (P.L.93-112, Section 504) and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The center’s commitment is to remove educational, programmatic, and attitudinal barriers, allowing students with disabilities equal access and opportunity to participate fully in all education programs and activities. This is made possible by the provision and arrangement of reasonable accommodations on a campus-wide level. Services provided are based on individual need.

The office is located in room 2440 west campus. Contact Access Services at 651.773.1745 or accesscenter@century.edu.

TRIO Programs

TRIO programs, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, assist selected students in their pursuit of and persistence with postsecondary educational goals. Participating students must possess academic potential, yet demonstrate a need for academic support.

Four Century College TRIO programs serve participants who are from low income families or are first-generation to complete college. Student Support Services-Traditional and Student Support Services- Veterans are designed to serve enrolled Century students, while Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search are targeted toward middle and high school youth who are college-bound.

Student Support Services - Traditional and Veterans

The Student Support Services -Traditional program (206 participants) and the Student Support Services-Veterans program (120 participants) serve enrolled Century students who are seeking a degree and/or intend to transfer into a bachelor degree program. The  programs seek to enhance academic skills among its participants and increase their retention and graduation rates through tutoring, academic support, and personal enrichment activities. Students must meet eligibility for one of the following: family income, parent education, and/or documented disability. For more information, call 651.779.3226.

Upward Bound

Upward Bound seeks to develop the skills and motivation necessary for its participants to successfully complete high school and prepare for a college education. Century College’s Upward Bound program serves 140 students at Como Park High, Harding High, Johnson High, and North High Schools. Students receive a variety of services that include; after-school tutoring, academic advising, ACT prep, college admission assistance, Saturday sessions, and a six-week academic summer program. For more information, call 651.779.3328.

Educational Talent Search

Educational Talent Search program promotes education for individuals in grades 6-12, by encouraging students to graduate from high school and assists them in enrolling in and completing a postsecondary education at a college of their choice. The 636 participants receive information and support in academic, career, and college planning, and are encouraged to remain focused on personal goals. Program staff provides services at five secondary locations in the St. Paul Public Schools. For more information, call 651.779.3980.

Resource Centers

West Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center is located on the west campus in room 2460 and houses the Peer Tutoring, Tutors Linked to Classes, and the Student Support Services offices. For more information about these programs see Student Support Services under TRIO Programs and Peer Tutoring Program under Resource Centers. Please bring your Student ID for services.

East Academic Support Center

Located in room 2542 East Campus, the Center provides academic support. Other services include advising, tutoring, assistance with organizing study groups, information about online tutoring as well as other services scheduled throughout the year. All services and opportunities are free and available to all students enrolled in Century College classes for credit. A student ID is required for services.

Information Technology Division - Open Computer Centers

Information Technology Services provides two open computer centers (room 3165 west campus and room 1710 east campus) which provide computer access to all registered Century students. The centers provide support for college courses and offer both Windows and Macintosh computers. Staff members are available to provide assistance in the use of the computer equipment. Open computer centers are available with extended hours throughout the term.

Language Laboratory

Located in room 1190 west campus, the Language Laboratory provides opportunities for language students to converse with native speakers and/or tutors In Spanish and Chinese. The Language Laboratory also supports noncredit activities for college members interested in various language conversation groups and/or participating in the Spanish, Chinese, and Intercultural Clubs. For more information call 651.779.3978.

LGBTQ Center

The LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) Center located in room 1216 west campus is a safe space for students of all gender identities and sexual orientations. There are resources available about a wide variety of topics which impact our LGBTQ students and their families. We have several programs each semester including the Spring Drag Show, Trans 101 workshops, and other trainings. It is both a programming space and a space to just hang out and talk about issues surrounding sexuality, gender, and identity. For more information call 651.779.3452.


Located on the first floor of the Science/Library Building on the East Campus, the Century College Library provides comfortable space for quiet and group study. The library’s print and online collection includes thousands of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, audio and video recordings. The online portion of the collection is available both on and off campus. Materials that are not in the Century Library collection can be borrowed from other libraries through interlibrary loan. To check out materials or use online library  resources from off campus, students must have a Century College student photo ID, which serves as their library card. The library also provides PCs and laptops for use on site, eReaders for checkout, photocopiers/scanners, faxing service, and reservable study rooms. Staff are available to introduce students to the library and support them in their use of its resources.

Mathematics Resource Center

The Mathematics Resource Center, located in room 3315 west campus, is available for all students enrolled in mathematics courses at Century College. The Center is staffed by two professional assistants and several student tutors. Students are welcome to come for assistance with their course, for a quiet place to study mathematics, and to use the computers, textbooks, and other resources that are available. The Mathematics Department encourages students to use this resource as an extension of the classroom. For more information call 651.779.3375.

Multicultural Student Center

The Multicultural Student Center, located in room 1220 west campus, provides a comfortable place where students can network, study, lounge, and just socialize. To support and retain students the center provides multicultural programming, sponsors guest lecturers, and referral services for students. Center staff are dedicated to promoting a campus environment that embraces multiculturalism, celebrates diversity, and enriches the campus experience for students. The center maintains active outreach initiatives to inform prospective students about educational opportunities available at Century College. For more information call 651.773.1794.

Peer Tutoring Program

The Century College Peer Tutoring Program is located in the West Academic Support Center on the west campus in room 2460 and in the East Academic Support Center in room 2542 east campus. Peer Tutoring provides one-on-one tutoring assistance to all Century College students. Tutors are available in a variety of courses. Appointments are encouraged, but not required. Please bring your Student ID for services.

The Tutors Linked to Classes Program is also located in the Academic Support Centers with liberal arts courses coordinated out of the West Academic Support Center and Science and Technical programs coordinated out of the East Academic Support Center. For more information, please call 651.779.3258 on the west campus and on the east campus call 651.779.3293.

Reading and Student Success Center

The Reading & Student Success Center located in room 3250 west campus supports all Century College students in using and developing effective reading and college success strategies. Staff can help students practice reading efficiently, understand their learning styles and strategies, and learn test taking tips and ways to improve memory and time management. Computers and printers are available as well as quiet study space and a contemporary reading collection. The professional staff and qualified student workers are available on a drop-in basis or by appointment. For more information, call 651.779.3351.

Resource & Support Center

The Resource & Support Center located in Room W1490 provides connections with community resources to help students succeed in and outside of the classroom with the following resources and more:

• Food Pantry
• Bridge to Benefits Screening
• Housing Information
• Legal Assistance Information
• Child Care Resources
• Campus and Community Services
• Applying for Scholarship
• Transportation Resources

Parent Services is located in the Resource and Support Center and is available to students currently enrolled at Century College with at least one child who is 18 years old or younger. Programming and resources are geared toward the unique challenges of student parents.

Lactation rooms are available on East Campus (E2232 and E2231) and West Campus (W1203 and W1067). Diaper Changing Stations are located in these restrooms: W2010 (near the Financial Aid Office), W3146 and W3147 (near the Computer Center), E1804 and E1802 (near the library), E2777 and E2778 (near the Fab Lab and Link 6 classrooms), and E2604 and E2060 (near the east cafeteria).

This is a child-friendly space. For more information call 651.747.4098.

Veterans Resource Center

Located in room 1217 west campus, the Veterans Resource Center is a place where veterans can study, socialize and  network. In addition, students can connect with the North Metro Regional Coordinator from the Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs who regularly meets with students in the center. For more information call 651.779.3218.

Writing Center

The Century College Writing Center, located in room 3280 on the west campus, is an encouraging environment where writers from all disciplines come together for mutual support and assistance with invention, drafting, revision, and editing. The Writing Center staff is available to answer questions and provide assistance at any point during the writing process. Computers, reference materials, and grammar exercises are just a few of the resources available in the Writing Center. All Century College students are welcome. For more information call 651.779.3400 or visit us at Twitter: @CenturyWriting, Facebook: @CenturyWriting, Instagram: centurywritingcenter.

The Century College Writing Center, located in room 3280 on the west campus, is an encouraging environment where writers from all disciplines come together for mutual support and assistance with invention, drafting, revision, and editing. The Writing Center staff is available to answer questions and provide assistance at any point during the writing process. Computers, reference materials, and grammar exercises are just a few of the resources available in the Writing Center. All Century College students are welcome. For more information call 651.779.3400 or email writingcenter@century.edu. Students can also schedule appointments at century.mywconline.com.


Bus Service

Metro Transit buses stop at both the east and west campuses and provide connecting service to Maplewood Mall and downtown St. Paul. Schedules are available at The Connection, room 1205 west campus, and reception desk, second level, east campus or by calling 612.373.3333 or visiting metrotransit.org. Discounted bus passes are also available for purchase at The Connection.


Parking is available on campus for students, college staff members, and visitors. Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours every day and are enforced by Public Safety and the White Bear Lake Police Department. Since the college is located on state property, police can tag cars with expired license plates.

Additional Services


The Century College Bookstore is located in room 1320 west campus. Books may be purchased in the Bookstore or online. Some of the merchandise available includes new and used textbooks, backpacks, school and art supplies, imprinted clothing and trade books. The bookstore has a “textbook buy back” during finals week of each semester. For more  information, call 651.779.3284 or go to bookstore website.

Business Office

The Business Office located in room 2340 west campus, processes payments and distribution of financial aid, grants, loans, and scholarships. Students may pay their tuition and fees online, via mail, or in person at the Business Office.

Century College Foundation

Each year the Century College Foundation awards more than $100,000 in scholarships to new and returning students.

The general application period for scholarships is February 1 through April 1 each year. Scholarships applied for in spring will be awarded the following fall semester and/or academic year.

Students must apply online for a Century College Scholarship, and must provide a copy of an unofficial transcript/academic record, a personal essay, and one or more letters of recommendation.

Review the Scholarship Guide for a complete listing of scholarships and application details.

Follow the Award Spring application guide for help with submitting your application. The Foundation also offers Tips for Asking for a Letter of Recommendation and help with writing a personal essay in the Essay Template and Tips guide.

For more information, visit the Foundation web page.

Emergency Calls

Century College does not have a message system for students. Students will be contacted for medical emergencies only. Contact the Vice President of Student Services office at 651.779.3929.

Food Service

Century College provides quality cafeteria-style food service for students and staff. Hot entrees, sandwiches, salads and snacks are available every day that courses are in session. Vending machines are available at all times.

Housing and Transportation Information

A Housing and Transportation bulletin board is located just outside of the Resource and Support Center, room W2450 on west campus. The purpose of this board is to connect Century College students with housing and transportation resources and opportunities in  the community. Some examples may include room for rent or ride share. For more information call 651.747.4098.


West Campus: lockers are located in various areas around the west campus. There is a charge that is payable at the Connection, room 1205 west campus.

East Campus: lockers are available from program advisors free of charge, but students must purchase a lock at the Connection, room 1205 west campus.

Lost and Found

Inquiries pertaining to lost and found articles should be made at the Bookstore in room 1320 west campus or the Public Safety office in room 1392 east campus.


Century College is approved by the Veterans Administration for the education of veterans, and is responsible for certifying training and transmitting necessary credentials and information to the Veterans Administration. Contact the Records Office at 651.779.3296 for more information.