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2020-2021 Course Catalog 
2020-2021 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Handbook


The Student Handbook has been developed to give students an overview of various activities, rules, regulations, and policies that have direct impact on them at Century. Further information concerning any of these areas may be obtained from the Dean of Student Services, located in room 1480 west campus, or by calling 651.773.1780.

Student Life Program

The Student Life Program is designed to provide opportunities for student growth through students’ extracurricular activities. This program enriches higher education for students by providing both educational and social events. By becoming involved in activities such as academic-related events, cultural diversity programs, health and fitness programs, campus clubs, student publications, fine arts, and the intramural/recreation program, students will share in the ownership and leadership of such programs and experience a positive connection to Century College. Although the Student Life Program provides many avenues for student growth, the decision to participate is based on personal desire.

Student Activities Program

Student Club Center

The Student Club Center, room 1210 west campus, is where great beginnings take place. It is an area for student activities. One of its main functions is to assist various clubs and organizations with their planned events. In addition, many campus-wide events are sponsored by the Office of Student Life. Any students should feel free to drop in and present new ideas or suggestions that will enhance student activities on campus.

Game Room

Free time between classes, at the beginning or end of the day? Located in room 1205 west campus, the Game Room is a great place to unwind and enjoy recreational game activities. Table tennis and televisions are available for students’ enjoyment. Tournaments in various activities are also conducted each semester. The Game Room is also a great place to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, watch television, meet old friends, and make new friends.

Student Clubs and Organizations

How to Get Involved

There are over 40 clubs and organizations for students to participate in at Century College. There are special interest clubs, cultural organizations, and program specific groups.

Are you looking to start a new club or get involved in one of the current clubs or organizations at Century? Please contact the Director of Student Life and Leadership Development at 651.747.4015 or the Student Senate Office at 651.779.3317.

Student Life Committee

This committee consists of student, faculty and staff representatives that make decisions regarding the student life budget, expenditures, and the student life activity fee. Please contact Kristin Hageman at 651.773.1780 for more information.


Student Publications

The All-Student Email is sent weekly to inform students of activities for the week, services that are available and information of importance. For further information call 651.779.3300.

The Century Times is a student run newspaper that is published twice a semester. It is distributed throughout campus with information relevant to the Century community. For more information call 651.747.4060

Student Senate

The Student Senate is the official representative student government of Century College. It operates under a constitution that has been approved by the student body and consists of volunteer senators and an elected executive board. The purpose of the senate is to work to improve the quality of education and of campus life for students at Century. One way the senate accomplishes this is by influencing the College’s decision-making process through working closely as a liaison between the student body and the administration and faculty. In order to address all issues of concern to students, the Student Senate must consider not only campus issues, but state legislation as well. Through its participation with the Minnesota State College Student Association, the Century Student Senate has a direct channel to issues and concerns on the state level.

The effectiveness of the senate depends on the quality of direct student involvement. Participation in the organization is an excellent opportunity to learn about the political process, become acquainted with the college system, and build leadership skills. For more information call 651.747.4015 .


Intercollegiate Athletics

Century College is a member of the Minnesota College Conference (MCC) and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). Century College offers intercollegiate men’s and women’s soccer and baseball and softball. For more information visit the Athletics webpage.

Fitness Center

Located in Room 1605 on the West Campus, the Fitness Center provides a full complement of weight training and aerobic machines for use by current Century students and staff.

Intramural Sports

Open to all students interested in a variety of team and individual sports. Activities include soccer, badminton, volleyball, basketball, softball, and golf to name just a few. The Intramural Sports Program provides a diverse spectrum of recreational activities for Century students and staff. For more information call 651.779.3322.


The gymnasium is available for a variety of activities (i.e. basketball, volleyball, and badminton).

Outdoor Volleyball, Basketball Courts, and Golf Practice Green

The courts and golf green are available for all to use and are located behind west campus. Balls are available through The Connection in room 1205 west campus.

Wood Duck Walking Trail

Enjoy a beautiful walk through nature on this paved trail located behind west campus.

Locker Rooms

Locker room facilities, located near the gymnasium (men on first floor, women on third floor) are available for those participating in intramural, recreation, and fitness activities. Students must provide their own towel and lock. Locks must be removed daily.

Fine Arts

Art Gallery

The purpose of the art gallery is to provide students and community residents the opportunity to view and appreciate the work of professional and student artists in a gallery setting. For more information call 651.773.1792.

Performing Arts

All students are welcome to participate in the Performing Arts program. Students have the choice of earning credit for participation or joining without credit.

  • Century College Choir -
    A choral ensemble open to students without singing experience as an activity or for academic credit. One concert per semester. For more information call 651.779.3212.
  • Century Chamber Orchestra -
    A chamber-size orchestra open to students with previous orchestral experience as an activity or for academic credit. Study and performance of standard orchestra literature. For more information call 651.779.3214.
  • Theatre Productions -
    Students may participate in college theatrical productions using their talents in acting, stagecraft, stage makeup and/or scenery design. For more information call 651.779.3211.
  • Century Concert Band -
    The study and performance of instrumental literature. No audition. Open to students as an activity or for academic credit. For more information call 651.747.4033.
  • Century Jazz Ensemble -
    The study and performance of high level jazz arrangements with an emphasis on improvisation. Audition required. Open to students as an activity or for academic credit or through Continuing Education. For more information call 651.747.4033.
  • Shakespeare and Company -
    Provides students and community residents the opportunity to view and appreciate summer repertory theatre at Century’s outdoor theatre complex. Participation is noncredit, by audition only. shakespeareandcompany.org.

Collegewide Events

Student Activities Fair

Early each semester Student Life sponsors a Club/Activity Fair. Each club and organization on campus is invited to set up a table displaying information about their activities. This provides an excellent opportunity for all students to find a group that may interest them.

Wood Duck Days

Wood Duck Days, a school-wide event, is held each spring on the west campus in May. This day is filled with music, good food, prizes, and activities. Century’s various clubs work together to sponsor the event.


Orientation provides new students with an opportunity to get acquainted with Century College. During the session, students will learn about the many resources and student life offerings provided for all students, become familiar with campus policies and deadline dates for financial aid and tuition, and have an opportunity to meet with an advisor to go over course selections for their first semester. After attending orientation, students will feel more prepared to begin their first semester at Century.

College Policies

These policies and statements are not an irrevocable contract, and the College reserves the right to change any policy without notice.

Annual Security Report

For information on the annual security report or to view the current report, please visit the Public Safety webpage.

Copyright and File Sharing Policy

For information on this policy please visit the Copyright and File sharing website.

For further information about illegal file sharing, please visit:

  1. Minnesota State Board Procedure 5.22.1, Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources.
  2. Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) dealing with unauthorized file sharing on campus networks.
  3. Music Matters, legal online music sharing locations.

Drug and Alcohol-Free Campus Policy

Vistit the Student Conduct webpage for the most up-to-date policy.


Tobacco-Free Policy

For the most up-to-date version of this policy, please visit the Process and Policies webpage.


Harassment and Discrimination

Century College and the Minnesota State system is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment and education oppotunity. A copy of this policy is available in the Dean of Student Affairs Office, in Compliance, Safety and Security Report, and online at Minnesota State Board Policies and System Procedures.

For more information on this policy, please visit the Process and Policies webpage.


Student Conduct/Academic Honesty

For process and policy information, please visit the Student Conduct webpage for the most up-to-date policy.


Student Complaint/Grievance Policy

For policy and process information, please access the Student Concern Process through the myCentury student portal or call the Dean of Student Services at 651.773.1780.


Student Data Privacy

Century College policy, Student Data Practices, pertains to student data information. Please visit the Data Privacy webpage for more information on all policies on student data privacy.


College Terminology

ACCUPLACER Course Placement Testing - the method employed to assist students in understanding their academic readiness and to help ensure that they are placed into courses that will support their academic success.

Associate Degree - a two-year degree offered by colleges. Century College degrees: the Associate in Arts (AA), the Associate in Science (AS), the Associate in Fine Arts (AFA), and the Associate in Applied Science (AAS).

Career/Occupational Programs - programs designed to lead directly to employment or career advancement.

Certificate - an educational program and award focusing on career or occupational skills. Century College certificates are up to 30 credits in length.

Class Section - a group of students meeting to study a particular course at a definite time. Sections are identified by specific section numbers.

Corequisite - two or more courses required to be taken in the same term.

Course - a particular portion of a subject selected for study. A course is identified by a course number; for example, PSYC 1020 .

Course Title - a phrase descriptive of course content; for example, the course PSYC 1020  has a course title of General Psychology.

Credit Hour - the amount of credit usually earned by attending a class for fifty minutes a week for 15 weeks.

Curriculum - a group of courses planned to lead to some specific competence in a field of study and to a certificate, diploma or associate degree; for example, the accounting curriculum.

Degree - a title conferred by a college or university upon completion of a particular program of academic work. Typical degrees are the Associate in Arts (AA), the Bachelor of Arts (BA), and the Master of Arts (MA).

Diploma - an educational program and award focusing on career or occupation skills longer in length than a certificate. Century College diplomas are 31 credits or more in length.

Discipline - the subject or department prefix (example: MATH, PSYC).

Drop - discontinuing a class within the drop/add period. A drop is not recorded on students’ transcripts.

Drop/Add Period - a period at the beginning of each term when students may drop or add classes.

Elective - a nondesignated course within a program. An elective permits students to select some courses of their choice within their program.

Grade Point Average - a weighted numerical average which indicates how well students have done in college classes.

Grant - an outright award of funds, usually based on need, which does not have to be repaid.

Loan - a loan may be either federal, state, short-term or emergency awarding of money to students in need of financial assistance; it must be repaid.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) - a collaborative effort among all two and four year public colleges and universities in Minnesota to help students transfer their coursework in general education. 40 credits are required in ten goal areas. These courses are also used in the general education portion of the AA, AFA, AS, AAS, diploma and certificate programs.

Prerequisite - a prerequisite is a body of knowledge or level of competence students should have achieved to ensure readiness for a course. In special circumstances, a prerequisite may be waived by approval of the appropriate department. Students are not permitted to register for courses for which prerequisites have not been met. A prerequisite is met by earning credit in a course. Some courses may have specific grade requirements. See course description for prerequisites and grade requirements.

Quarter - term or period of time in an academic year. There are three quarters and two summer sessions in most quarter system schools. One quarter typically is 10 weeks long.

Registration - the process of selecting courses, completing college forms, and paying fees, all of which must be completed prior to the beginning of classes each term.

Scholarships - monetary awards given to students in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. Scholarships are sometimes based on financial need as well as academic performance.

Semester - term or period of time in an academic year. There are two semesters and one or two summer sessions in most semester system schools. One semester typically is 15 weeks long.

Transcript - a record of a students’ academic standing and college courses and grades.

Transfer Programs - programs with courses leading to an Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts, or Associate in Science degree which are generally accepted in transfer to bachelor degree granting colleges and universities.

Tuition - an amount of money charged to students for each course.

Withdrawal - discontinuing a course after the drop/add period but before the withdrawal deadline. A withdrawal is recorded on the transcript as a W. Withdrawals do not influence GPA, but do negatively impact academic progress.

Work Study - a program created in 1964. Both the federal and state government, as well as the college, provide funds for parttime employment on campus. Part- or fulltime students in need of financial assistance may apply in the Financial Aid office.