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2019-2020 Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ESOL 0031 - Grammar and Writing III

Credits: 5
Hours/Week: Lecture None Lab None
Course Description: This course focuses on practicing and developing basic writing skills by applying them to a variety of situations. Students have the opportunity to improve their grammar, writing fluency, self-editing skills, and ability to write short essays. Students also follow a writing process that includes using the computer to edit and revise your essays.
MnTC Goals

Prerequisite(s): ESOL 0021  with grades of C or higher, or appropriate scores on the language proficiency test with background information, oral interview, and writing sample.
Corequisite(s): None
Recommendation: None

Major Content
  1. The Writing Process Prewriting, drafting, revising and editing Organizing ideas within a paragraph Organizing paragraphs within an essay Using computers for final drafts
  2. Content and Organization Distinguishing titles, topics, and main ideas Developing topic sentences Choosing relevant supports Writing short introductions and conclusions Summarizing in conclusions
  3. Language Use Subjects, verbs, objects and pronouns Capitalization and end punctuation Simple, compound, and some complex sentences Simple and progressive tenses in the past, present, and future time Introduction to perfect tenses Modals and phrasal modals Prepositions and prepositional phrases Word formation and word choice Subject verb agreement Vocabulary development and idiomatic usage
  4. Mechanics Paragraph form Legibility Punctuation Spelling
  5. Genres Descriptions Expository essays Narratives

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate knowledge of grammatical structures appropriate to level
  2. organize writing according to several standard patterns
  3. write short essays (1-1/2 pages) with basic introductions and conclusions
  4. write short paragraphs with all sentences relevant to the given topic
  5. demonstrate effective use of the writing process
  6. apply standard mechanics to all written work
  7. edit their own work and that of others
  8. use a computer to type papers
  9. use simple sentences with few errors and show beginning mastery of compound and complex sentences

Competency 1 (1-6)
Competency 2 (7-10)

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