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2017-2018 Course Catalog 
2017-2018 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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TRIN 1051 - Working with Interpreters

Credits: 1
Hours/Week: Lecture NoneLab None
Course Description: This course introduces the parameters of the interpreting task, the interpreter’s role, and strategies for effective collaboration with interpreters. Topics include disparities in service provision, their effects on culturally diverse and limited-English proficient clients, and legislation related to the provision of interpreting and translating services. This course is intended for students and professionals who work with clients who have limited English proficiency. This course does not count toward the 30 credits for the Certificate or the 60 credits for the AAS in Translating and Interpreting (TRIN).
MnTC Goals

Prerequisite(s): Assessment score placement in RDNG 1000  or completion of RDNG 0900  or RDNG 0950  with a grade of C or higher, assessment score placement in ENGL 1021  or completion of ENGL 0090  with a C or higher, or instructor consent.
Corequisite(s): None
Recommendation: None

Major Content
  1. Federal, state, and local laws related to the provision of translation/interpreting services
  2. LEP Populations: who are they, where are they, disparities in care/service provision and outcomes
  3. Overview of interpreting as a cognitive task and as a profession
  4. Overview of interpreting codes of ethics and standards of practice
  5. Techniques and strategies for working with interpreters

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. explain federal, state, and local legislation related to the provision of language services.
  2. describe how limited English proficient clients are affected by disparities in service provision.
  3. describe the complex nature of interpreting.
  4. discuss interpreters’ codes of ethics and standards of practice.
  5. practice working with interpreters.

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